About Us

Progressive Valeting UK Ltd was formed by a group of associates with a diverse range of experience in the industry, developing exceptional skills in operational management.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the motor industry culture and the need for distributors to increase their credibility with both manufacture and customers through their Customer satisfaction Index (CSI).

Our company is committed to ensuring that our goals and business objectives are carefully married with the success objectives of our customers. In this regard we attach significant focus to working with our customers in a professional and highly dedicated fashion at all key levels. This ensures that our service to your business complements your corporate strategy and thereby contributes to your success.


In valuing customer satisfaction, Progressive Valeting UK Ltd adhere to a philosophy that seeks to establish a business partnership that will serve and meet your needs as well as the needs of your clientele - as defined by your management.
Our key focus is to provide a professional service, staffed by highly trained, highly motivated and dedicated personnel; all of whom seek to ensure that their work is of the highest caliber and that their skill and commitment serve to compliment your success.

The gurantee that we offer customers is that the vehicles we present to you will be only done so after our staff have completed its service, in accordance with the highest degree of quality control and satisfaction.


All operators and staff are regularly assessed and trained with the objectives of increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining safe working practices.


All Personnel employed by Progressive Valeting UK Ltd are employed in accordance with UK employment law.

To ensure customer satisfaction all our operatives will work in accordance within the hours/working time directive, that reflect those of the dealerships. We seek to provide our customers with a professional staff who are trained to meet the needs of the customer first and foremost. In so doing, any changes in our customers requirements will be accommodated as fluidly and as efficiently possible.


Full-time operators will be provided for all departments a s required within the dealership.

The working objectives of the above personnel will be complimented by daily visits by senior management. The presence of management supervision is to ensure that a professional degree of hands on management is maintained. Furthermore, Area Supervisors will ensure that all valets are carried out to the highest degree of efficiency, quality control and customer satisfaction.